Product overview 2

Product overview

Quasi-phase matching is a technique, which ensures efficient energy coupling between the interacting waves during the frequency conversion process and is essentially free of the drawbacks present in birefringent phase matching. Flexibility is the main advantage of QPM. It allows implementing any nonlinear interaction within the transparency range of the material at any temperature and for any set of polarizations of the interacting waves by appropriately designing the QPM structure. KTP is considered to be one of the best nonlinear materials for quasi-phase matched frequency conversion in the visible and the near-infrared spectral regions. Tailored Photons AB is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of periodically poled KTP isomorphs.

Our proprietary fabrication process, supported by decades of experience in periodic poling of KTP, guarantees extremely high quality of QPM structures within the bulk poling volume and is suited for both low- and high-volume production. We provide PPKTP-based QPM devices for laser frequency conversion within the wavelength range of 400 nm to 4 µm, with optical apertures up to 5 mm, and co-propagating, or counter-propagating configurations.

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