Product overview

Tailored Photons AB is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of periodically poled KTP (PPKTP). PPKTP can be tailored for nonlinear optical applications in the visible and near-IR exploiting quasi-phase matching.  

  • Arbitrary wavelengths can be generated within the transparency range of KTP
  • PPKTP has high damage thresholds and strong resistance to photochromic damage
  • The large d33 nonlinearity provides efficient nonlinear conversion

Tailored Photons provides both volume production and custom designed samples. Our proprietary fabrication process, supported by decades of experience in periodic poling of KTP, guarantees samples of high quality for frequency conversion from 400 nm to 4 µm, with optical apertures up to 5 mm.

Ordering information

Please provide us with the following details when ordering PPKTP:

  • Desired process (SHG, OPG, etc.)
  • Wavelengths
  • Phase-matching type
  • Dimensions
  • AR coatings

Please contact us for prices and lead times.